Indiegogo Bronydays 2015

Good day, O thou whose blood pressure increases day by day. We are pleased to announce that:

* The launch of our crowdfunding campaign. It will be used as for the previous one so that we can get guests such as MA Larson, LaserPon3, EileMonty who were presents during the first edition. Would you like to know more ? Indiegogo

* On our Facebook page, an events page was created: Facebook Event

With you reading this text, we will do this weekend an unforgettable moment !

On the way to the future!

Howdy everypony!

With the great popularity of the 2013 edition of the BronyDays, we told ourselves it was a great occasion to continue the adventure with you.

Unfortunately, we encountered quite a lot of difficulties while searching for a new venue, that forced us to postpone the 2014 edition so it could happen in adequate conditions for everyone.

Fear not! We do not give up, and carry on searching for new venues for an edition on the first half of 2015, with some interesting ones already coming :)

In the meantime, we could not stand depriving you of events this year, this is why I have the pleasure of announcing that we will organize a mini convention this year!

The goal of this convention will be to offer the same successful experience compared to the previous one, the 3PS, while giving you the occasion to wait for the 2015 BronyDays edition.

See you soon for details about the minicon!

BronyDays 2013 are over!

Good evening everyone,


the BronyDays were a blast for everyone attending the convention, the success of an undertaking by a group of passionate fans, and the result of a year's worth of hard work. We want to thank very warmly all our volunteers for their amazing work, our vendors for allowing everyone to get something back home, our panelists and guests for sharing their passion, and over all, you, our attendees, for making in this convention an exceptional atmosphere!


You know what else is exceptional? The amount of money donated at the charity auction: after recount, it is no less than 3110 €! Let it be known, the french bronies are generous!


If you have any question or issue, you can still contact us at

For any object lost at the convention, contact us at the same adress and be sure to precisely describe your lost object.



the BronyDays team

Planning revealed!

Good evening everypony,

we are happy to reveal the planning and the activities taking place at the convention! Check this out on our activities page:

On another note, there are not that many tickets left! If you want to ensure you'll have one, you might want to hurry!

And lastly, we remind you that you can donate objects to our charity auction, by going to the information desk located in the hall, the Saturday of the convention. We need you to support a good cause!

New guest of honour: voice actress Julie Basecqz

Good evening everypony,

When one talks about french touch, one imagines the neatness and quality of a good work.
And who's better than Rarity to show those off ?

We have the honor to announce that the french voice of our fabulous fashion pony will  attend the BronyDays, and will answer your questions during our voice-acting panel 




Hello there everypony,

as some of you may have noticed, the MMORPG Legends of Equestria will attend the BronyDays 2013, and they are coming to show off the fruit of their work with the most recent version of their game in exclusivity!

In addition, the recording of their panel at the convention will be used in a 24-hour livestream, in which you will have the opportunity to watch the game being made, live! For more details, go to their website:


Guests news

We are sad to announce that The Living Tombstone, for personal reasons, will not be able to attend the BronyDays. That being said, we have lots of new guests! Namely:


-ShadyVox is a british voice actor and singer, well-known for playing the character Button Mash in the web-series from JanAnimations, Button's Adventure. His youtube channel is here.


-Speaking of Button's Adventure, JanAnimations plans on presenting a preview showing of his finalized music video, Don't Mine At Night!


-The talented artist Sui will attend the BronyDays to talk about her art, and will also have a vendor stand at the convention! Her pony DeviantArt gallery is here.


-Steve Lynx and HaponyHanzo, 3D modelers from the team creating the MMORPG Legend Of Equestria will be there to talk about the game and 3D animation, that last point alongside…


-DeathPwny, a visual artist, 3D modeler and 3D animator, whose productions can be found in his DeviantArt here.

Promotion video Euro Bronies UNITE

On August 26th 2013, a video as been uploaded by superpsyguy on Youtube. This video aims to promote the four european convention: the Galacon, BUCK, Cristal Fair and BronyDays.

A lot of easter eggs, Brohoof, I mean High five … or low five… it's up to you !

This video was planned to be released before the BUCK convention but due to some minor issue it has been uploaded a few days later.

The voice of Madame Banane is Cheru

10 Fancy tickets left!

We are happy to announce that we have only 10 Fancy tickets left, so if you want one, you should get yours now…

And a reminder: if you're interested in being a vendor at the convention, you might want to fill the vendor form at the bottom of our ticket page.